DigitalCrafts Joins The Greater Houston Partnership

As Houston's top-rated and longest running coding bootcamp, DigitalCrafts has helped many Houstonians gain new skills and begin new careers to help power Houston technology and software. In order to help even more Houstonians and the growing number of Houston-based businesses and startups, DigitalCrafts is proud to announce that we have formally joined The Greater Houston Partnership.

The Greater Houston Partnership is a place for community-minded business leaders who want to be involved in Houston's positive growth and influence the direction in which Houston is going. Through the dedicated efforts it's members, the Partnership addresses Houston's unique challenges, and champions the growth and success of the Houston region.

Since 1840, the Greater Houston Partnership has strived to make the region the best place to live, work and build a business. Together with over other 1,200 member companies, DigitalCrafts will work to promote Houston companies and Houston workers by developing more training opportunities, forming relationships, and making education and training more accessible.

It's no secret that the City of Houston has big goals related to entrepreneurship and startups. Recent initiatives including Houston Exponential, the Innovation District, and the Data Science Institute are the first steps towards making Houston a world-leading hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. As a member of one of the driving forces behind these initiatives, DigitalCrafts will be working with The Greater Houston Partnership and it's members to help source more Houston talent to help power and grow these initiatives.

We are excited to be a part of The Greater Houston Partnership and look forward to doing amazing things with it's members and the City of Houston, Texas.


Jason Ephraim

Campus Director, Houston