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DigitalCrafts Partners With LaunchCode To Help Place Students

DigitalCrafts is one of LaunchCode's newest Education Partners, and we couldn't be more excited to start sending graduates their way!

What is LaunchCode?

LaunchCode is a non-profit organization that creates economic opportunity and upward mobility through apprenticeships and job placement through technology. The problem LaunchCode aims to solve is split into two pieces. First, millions of Americans are unemployed today. Second, employers face a giant tech talent gap. Moreover, the US Department of Labor projects 1 million jobs in programming alone will go unfilled by 2020. DigitalCrafts and LaunchCode aim to solve this problem.

How does LaunchCode work?

LaunchCode partners with hundreds of companies (300+ employers today) to set up special on-ramps into apprenticeships and jobs in technology that bypass traditional credentials and focuses on the individual. If you have the aptitude, professionalism, and skills to get a job, LaunchCode can help you get your foot in the door. Students who wish to leverage LaunchCode's network of employers are required to complete a test and an interview that evaluates candidates for aptitude, drive, and technical ability. Once a student completes the interview process, they will undergo further career mentorship identifying what skills they need to learn or continue sharpening. What happens next? Upon completing your career mentorship, LaunchCode will match students directly with employers with the hopes of securing either a job directly, or a paid apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are opportunities where students onboard with a company to work directly with a senior mentor for a period of time. Over 90% of LaunchCode's Apprentices have been converted to full-time hires after an average of 90 days. During the apprenticeship program, individuals sharpen their programming skills, gain experience in the professional working world, and (most importantly) get paid!

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Why is this important for students and graduates of DigitalCrafts?

In order to be accepted into LaunchCode's program, students must have a strong foundation of knowledge in a specific area. Many of LaunchCode's Hiring partners are seeking people skilled in JavaScript, a primary focus of our 16 Week Immersive Web Development Bootcamp. Through our partnership with LaunchCode, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue LaunchCode's network of employers should they choose, and they will graduate well prepared to pass whatever programming tests come their way!

We are excited to partner with LaunchCode's team as one of world class education partners, and we look forward to our students and graduates taking advantage of LaunchCode's employer network and apprenticeship programs.

You can learn more at, or reach out and we'd be happy to chat.

Jake Hadden Jake Hadden Co-Founder, CEO LinkedIn