DigitalCrafts Scholarships for Women

DigitalCrafts exists to serve a community of builders, each equipped with the skills and tools necessary to breath life into ideas. That is why one of our primary goals of 2018 has been improving accessibility. Our mission is to make a career in technology as accessible as possible, especially for the underrepresented. To that end, starting with our upcoming September cohorts, women utomatically receive scholarships, no application necessary.

Women in our full-time Immersive program receive $1,500 off tuition, while women in our part-time Flex program receive $1,000 off tuition.

It's not breaking news that women are underrepresented in technology. According to Evia, in April 2017 there were 627,000 unfilled positions in tech. The tech roles most in-demand are in software, cyber security and cloud computing. With opportunities abound, now is the time to move the needle towards equal representation in a traditionally male-dominated industry. DigitalCrafts is in this for the long haul, and it's our hope that these automatic scholarships will help more female students launch fulfilling careers as software engineers.

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Liz Carley

Director of Operations