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Macs Vs PCs Choosing For Your Bootcamp

Deciding on a Mac or PC for your bootcamp is dependent on a number of factors that go beyond personal preference. While inpidual software and other equipment requirements are included in the syllabus for each bootcamp, the type of computer you choose hinges on a number of factors.

When choosing a laptop, consider how it will be used – both within and outside of the classroom. Your bootcamp of choice will definitely play a role in this decision. Expect software needs and system requirements to differ depending on the bootcamp that you enrolled in. Here are some considerations to help you decide between Mac or PC.

Pros of PCs

Variety: When it comes to PCs, the options are endless. Unlike Macs, which are produced by Apple, PCs are made by a variety of manufacturers like Dell, HP, or Samsung. In addition to having a variety of PC brands to choose from, there is an endless amount of specifications and features within the PC ecosystem. Screen size, resolution, processor speed, touch-screen capability, 2-in-1 laptops, and more are all things to consider when making a purchase. You also have a lot of variety when it comes to the look and feel of your laptop. In contrast, there are currently only four MacBook options to choose from, all with similar specs and designs.

Cost: Because there are so many different PC brands to choose from, it’s often easy to find options at lower prices. No matter your budget, you should be able to find a PC at a comfortable price point, with some models priced around $550.

Cons of PCs:

Bloatware: Almost all new PCs come installed with bloatware. Bloatware is pre-installed software that users may not be interested in or need. A familiar example of bloatware may be trial antivirus software. Slowed reaction times and storage issues are a consequence of bloatware. Bloatware can also pose security risks when downloaded software is not managed properly.

Variety: Yes, while variety is a pro, it also has its drawbacks. Because there are so many options when shopping for PCs, there is a wide range of prices and specifications available. These laptops can vary greatly in terms of quality. All PCs are not created equal and require a lot of comparison shopping across brands and models to find the best fit for you.

Pros of MacBooks

Customer Service: One pro of choosing a MacBookis that Apple’s customer service has been highly rated among consumers. Mac users can go to the Genius Bar at any Apple store for personalized support for their devices.

Apple Ecosystem: If you already own a product or multiple products in the Apple ecosystem, it makes sense that you would get a Mac. Apple products are designed to communicate with one another and work seamlessly together. If being able to communicate between an iPad or Apple Watch is important to you, then a Mac is an obvious choice. While you can get your iPhone, for example, to communicate with your PC in similar ways, it will require more setup on your part.

Retina Display: Macs have built-in Retina displays that make them a fan favorite of people in visual fields like graphic design. The Retina display built into Macs have a pixel density higher than most PCs, leading to a better visual experience for the user.

Security Benefits: There’s a minor security benefit to using a Mac. Because Mac users are in the minority, there’s less malware created to target Macs when compared to PCs. However, as Macs become more popular the security gap is closing. Cross-platform malware has become more common. In addition, Windows security measures have gotten increasingly better over time. Given those conditions, this benefit should not be as heavily weighted.

Cons of MacBooks:

Software gap: While the software gap between Macs and PCs is certainly closing, there is more software available for Windows than macOS. Developers don’t always create a Mac version for specialized software. This isn’t an issue that I would weigh heavily as you can also download Windows or Linux operating systems on your Mac laptop.

Upgrades: Unlike PCs, you can only upgrade the memory and storage drive of a Mac. With PCs, you have more input in the selection of components like graphics cards, processors, and motherboards. An everyday user with the technical ability can build their own PC or upgrade their PC because of the flexibility of parts and components.

Ultimately, whatever device you use is completely up to you. Whether you choose a Mac or PC, as long as the laptop is suited to your needs and can handle the different software and programs you will utilize throughout your bootcamp, the choice is yours. And if you have questions about which computer will work best in your bootcamp, we’re here to help.

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