Top 5 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in Atlanta

These Top 5 technology companies in Atlanta are the fastest growing over the past 3 years. As intriguing as it is that a bus reservation platform is at the top; how is it possible with Atlanta traffic that Shofur doesn't have a single accident since they opened in 2011? The diversity in this list of 5 is impressive and shows how much opportunity to change your career or partner with another company there is in Atlanta.   



Leadership- Armir Harris

2016 Revenue- $12.1 Million

3-year Growth- 10,448%

Industry- Logistics and Transportation

Shofur is the #1 trusted online bus reservation service in North America. They provide transportation to most Fortune 500 companies across 300 cities nationwide. With access to over 3000 buses, Shofur is the largest charter bus reservation platform anywhere, with zero accidents to date.



Leadership- Dave Keil

2016 Revenue- $5 Million

3-year Growth- 3,687%

Industry- Software

QASymphony has over 400 customers, 10,000 users and has been widely recognized as one of the leading testing tools for Agile teams. QASymphony has gone from startup to a global leader in software testing for Agile teams since only 2011.


Blacc Spot Media

Leadership- Lantre Barr

2016 Revenue- $2.9 Million

3-year Growth- 2,019%

Industry- IT Services

Blacc Spot Media is a collaborative team of designers, developers and thought leaders that specialize in building smart communications solutions powered by Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC). Businesses who want to integrate enhanced communications into their products and services partner with Blacc Spot media to design, prototype, build and/or deploy solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), telephony, mobile, native desktop and web applications.



Leadership- Craig Hyde

2016 Revenue- $2.7 Million

3-year Growth- 1,021%

Industry- IT Services

Rigor's easy-to-use performance monitoring and optimization software, customers are able to monitor their user's experience throughout the development lifecycle, communicate trends to stakeholders, and take action to improve performance by leveraging their step-by-step optimization insights.



Leadership- Rob Frohwein

2016 Revenue- $171.8 Million

3-year Growth- 979%

Industry- Financial Services

Kabbage's comprehensive lending platform can be configured to an organization, allowing them to use the power of data to rapidly underwrite and monitor millions of customers. Technology that would take a company years to develop is adapted to meet needs within weeks or months, providing additional revenue with the ability to scale without requiring a staff of analysts.

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