Top Staffing Firms for Software Developers in Atlanta

There are two reasons why we decided to launch a staffing team in Atlanta focused on placing elite software engineers across all levels of experience. First, we want to support each and every student who graduates from our software engineering bootcamp throughout the lifetime of their career—not just through their first development job.

Second, we want to strengthen our relationships with the companies who've joined our Employer Network, the startups, agencies and companies of all sizes  that love hiring students from our program. These companies are often looking for mid and senior-level engineers to support their software development efforts, and given our network, we're able to help the meet this need. We have enrolled more than 600 students into our software engineering bootcamp and hundreds of those students are now software engineers working at various companies around the Atlanta area. Our alumni network is just one of the competitive advantages we bring to the table when it comes to identifying the right candidate with years of hands-on experience.

If your team is looking to partner with an external staffing partner, we are here to help. To get started, you can simply submit our partnership form and our team will be in touch shortly. Once your company is approved, you'll join the likes of Home Depot, Cox Enterprises, Insiten, Riskalyze, Capgemini and Storj, who have all hired DigitalCrafts grads, among many others.

We also realize that we are not the only company in town that could be valuable to our employer partners, and we are often asked who are the other leaders in the Atlanta area. So, we've pulled together a list of four additional leaders in Atlanta that we would recommend when searching for the right partner. 

Top Staffing Firms for Software Developers in Atlanta

DigitalCrafts: We are focused on placing elite engineers across all levels from junior to senior-level while keeping a focus on education and our alumni community.

Brooksource: Since the inception of DigitalCrafts, Brooksource has been a great partner helping our recent graduates land jobs at Fortune 500 companies across Atlanta. Brooksource is a nationwide staffing firm focused on IT as well as other areas like managed services.

Elev8: Elev8 was founded in Atlanta and focuses on technical roles within the world of software development. Elev8 supports startups to large corporations and is a great partner.

Soltech: Also founded in Atlanta, Soltech provides software development and staffing needs for mid to larger companies. Soltech is also part of our Employer Network and has hired from our software engineering immersive bootcamp.

Vaco: Founded in Nashville, Vaco has quickly grown across the US to become one of the premier staffing companies. Vaco focuses on all industries including software development, healthcare and accounting.

We recommend getting to know each company and their unique approach to solving your talent need. At DigitalCrafts, we keep each candidate's career goals top of mind, and we approach our clients with an open mind. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offerings, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by submitting our partnership form or emailing us directly. And if you're interested in training your team of software engineers, check out our corporate training options.

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Jake Hadden

Co-Founder, CEO