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How to Use an Installment Plan to Pay for Your Bootcamp

Paying for your tuition at DigitalCrafts shouldn’t be a roadblock on your path to a career change. That is why we offer an installment plan for students to pay for our coding bootcamps. With this option, you can break up your tuition into manageable payments.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Finalize Your Enrollment

Once you're accepted into the program, finalize your enrollment prior to class by completing all required documentation and paying your $99 deposit. This amount will be deducted from your total tuition fees of $9,500, leaving you with an approximate balance of $ 9,401*.

* Your total tuition may vary due to scholarships and other offers or incentives awarded to individual students.

Step 2: Make Your Payments Over Time

You will then receive an invoice in your email with a link of where to make your payments each week your payment is due. You can pay either via ACH (bank transfer), debit card or credit card.

Here’s an example of what that looks like.

Payment Schedule Examples

The Fine Print

With all of our programs and payment plans, if you decide not to attend DigitalCrafts, refunds are available.

The student must send a written request to DigitalCrafts expressly stating that they will no longer be attending the Program.

  • Students who withdraw from the program within five business days after their initial class start date shall receive a full refund.
  • Students are eligible for a prorated refund if they leave or are removed from the Program prior to completing 50% of the Program’s instructional hours. Students who complete more than 50% of the Program’s instructional hours are not eligible for a refund of any amount.
  • Tuition is fully refundable prior to the first day of class.

In the event that a program start date is delayed, tuition is fully refundable before the first day of the program. If the class is canceled, tuition will be 100% refunded to the student.

Please refer to our Institutional Catalog for more details.

Other Payment Options

Looking to finance your education? Third-party lenders offer affordable loan options for DigitalCrafts students across all financial backgrounds. Additionally, you may qualify for any of our scholarships, grants, or incentives to help reduce the cost of tuition.

Please visit the tuition and financing page for more information.


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