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Crush the DigitalCrafts Code Assessment with These Tips

When you're new to tech, the idea of joining a code school to learn programming makes sense. It’s really a no brainer, right? So you might wonder why bootcamps want you to take a code assessment before you can actually join their programs—obviously, you don't know how to code yet!

That’s a conundrum if I’ve ever seen it. I remember feeling this way when I started looking for code schools to join. But believe it or not, there is actually a method to this madness.

Why Do Coding Bootcamps Require Code Assessments?

Learning to code is a huge undertaking and we each begin at different starting points. In order to be effective, a school has to be able to take a bunch of beginners through many weeks of programming and end up with talented developers.

But who actually determines whether a code hopeful is qualified to join the program? A code assessment does.

The code assessment, a quiz used to measure your coding ability, helps us make sure that everyone who enters the program has a similar technical starting point. Beginning a class with students who share a similar baseline means that we can spend more time teaching the complex technical topics and less time reviewing the basics. And when you finish your code assessment, you show us your grit and your ability to learn something new—bonus points, in our opinion.

What is the DigitalCrafts Code Assessment Like?

Our code assessment is:

  • focused on entry-level JavaScript
  • seven questions long
  • untimed
  • open book

You will need to get all questions 100% correct in order to pass, but you can run your code as many times as you want before you submit, and you can submit your code up to three times.

Within the assessment, we are looking to see if prospective students can:

  • manipulate variables
  • manipulate arrays
  • write functions
  • express understanding and use methods
  • put operators to work
  • implement loops
  • pass arguments as a parameter
  • call a function
  • use a return statement

Having an understanding of these topics will certainly help you get through our code assessment, but if I were you, I’d also make sure to thoroughly understand HTML and CSS. I promise, this will make your life so much easier when learning JavaScript.

Where Should I Start?

Here are a few resources that you can use to get started:

Coding bootcamps are challenging, but if you have the ability to learn the topics listed above during self study, then I'm confident that you have what it takes to successfully complete our program. Happy coding!

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