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Women Learning to Code in Atlanta

Are you a woman in Atlanta learning how to code? If so, you should be aware of several great organizations in and around Atlanta who are helping women break into the world of technology. According to the White House, women make up only a small percentage of the technology work force today, but this trend is surely being addressed with the support and expertise from all the great resources listed below.

Over the past few weeks, I've been researching organizations in Atlanta supporting this particular cause, and I felt it was worthwhile to share my findings with the broader tech community. I hope the information below is helpful, and I would encourage everyone who is in the technology space to become involved with one of these organizations whether as a member, mentor, advocate, or sponsor.

As for DigitalCrafts, we offer a $1,000 scholarship to all women who successfully enroll in our 16 Week Immersive Bootcamp.

If I've left your organization off the list, please reach out to, and I will gladly add your information.

Keep learning!

Jake Hadden Jake Hadden Co-Founder, CEO LinkedIn