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How to Get Started as a Freelance Web Developer

You've just graduated from your coding bootcamp; now it's time to take on the world. Learn how to get started as a freelance web developer.

Published 15th October 2020
6 minute read

How Junior Developers Can Tackle the Job Search, According to an Engineering Manager at Netflix

Courtney Kennedy leads a team at Netflix whose work is in front of 180 million users. She shares advice for junior developers looking for their first job.

Published 15th July 2020
12 minute read

Coding Bootcamp Pays Off with Job Offers for These Grads

Tech companies are still hiring amid COVID-19. With hard work and perseverance, several DigitalCrafts graduates recently received job offers. Congrats to these grads!

Published 27th May 2020
4 minute read

Tech Companies Hiring in Atlanta Right Now

Looking for a new role? These Atlanta tech companies are hiring web developers right now!

Published 22nd March 2020
3 minute read

What Do Entry-Level Software Engineers Do?

Find out what an entry-level software engineer does, and the kinds of tasks and projects you might work on in the first years of your programming career.

Published 14th February 2020
4 minute read

5 Things New Devs Must Do In Their Job Search

There are 5 things new coders  must do in their job search. Follow these tips to increase your odds of finding a career as a new programming bootcamp grad.

Published 5th March 2019
6 minute read

7 Portfolio Tips for New Developers

DigitalCrafts offers portfolio review and career support for our students and alumni. Lillian Wakefield offers her portfolio tips for new developers, both as our Director of Student Services and as a DigitalCrafts student herself.

Published 11th July 2018
7 minute read

Networking and Success at Coding Bootcamps

Half of the battle of attending a Coding Bootcamp is finding a job after the program. While applying to jobs online is part of the process, networking allows for face to face interaction with potential hiring managers. Take the necessary steps to stand out in the job market! 

Published 25th April 2018
3 minute read
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