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How To Prepare for a Tech Interview

Get the job with these interview prep tips. We cover the research you should do, answers to common questions and the things you should ask your interviewer.

Published 23rd June 2022
6 minute read

5 Tested Tips to Advance Your New Tech Career

No matter how you achieved your skills and qualifications, what your tech job may presently be, or your longer-term career aspirations, here are a few proven ideas and practices to help you reach the next level.

Published 16th November 2021
7 minute read

Is Software Engineering Saturated? Still Worth Studying?

In some circles you may hear talk of a surplus of software engineering talent, given the huge numbers of people pursuing the career. But since statistics have been tracked, there has not been a dip in demand for software engineers and other related professionals.

Published 25th October 2021
7 minute read

Networking Tips: Land a Job in the Tech Industry

Networking is making contacts and building relationships. It’s proven to be especially helpful in learning about job opportunities. But how has business and career networking changed in the recent times? How can you effectively network today if you aren’t able to meet as much in person? What are some networking options for job seekers who prefer or have to use online resources instead of traditional methods? 

Read on to learn more.
Published 15th October 2021
6 minute read

Why This CTO Hires Bootcamp Graduates

CTO Morgan Lopes shares why he thinks hiring bootcamp graduates is a smart move for his team.

Published 23rd February 2021
10 minute read

Which Companies Hire Bootcamp Grads?

Coding bootcamps can be a fast track to your new career. Here are our tips for getting hired, and the companies that hire bootcamp grads.

Published 17th February 2021
7 minute read

7 of the Hottest Tech Companies Hiring in Houston in 2021

Houston's tech scene is rapidly expanding—and looking for good programmers. Check out our top picks for companies hiring in Houston now.

Published 28th January 2021
3 minute read

How to Get Started as a Freelance Web Developer

You've just graduated from your coding bootcamp; now it's time to take on the world. Learn how to get started as a freelance web developer.

Published 15th October 2020
6 minute read

How Junior Developers Can Tackle the Job Search, According to an Engineering Manager at Netflix

Courtney Kennedy leads a team at Netflix whose work is in front of 180 million users. She shares advice for junior developers looking for their first job.

Published 15th July 2020
12 minute read