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5 Things New Devs Must Do In Their Job Search

There are 5 things new coders  must do in their job search. Follow these tips to increase your odds of finding a career as a new programming bootcamp grad.

Published 5th March 2019
6 minute read

7 Portfolio Tips for New Developers

DigitalCrafts offers portfolio review and career support for our students and alumni. Lillian Wakefield offers her portfolio tips for new developers, both as our Director of Student Services and as a DigitalCrafts student herself.

Published 11th July 2018
7 minute read

Networking and Success at Coding Bootcamps

Half of the battle of attending a Coding Bootcamp is finding a job after the program. While applying to jobs online is part of the process, networking allows for face to face interaction with potential hiring managers. Take the necessary steps to stand out in the job market! 

Published 25th April 2018
3 minute read

Online Presence: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Simple. Your name + The internet = Online presence. This means anything on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. It also includes blog pots or contributions to an online community and sites such as GitHub.  What online presence means and how you can use it could fill a book. What I want to talk about is how potential future employers are going to evaluate you based on your online presence.

Published 13th March 2018
5 minute read

Setting Good Career Goals in the New Year

Attending a full-stack development bootcamp is a great first step for career changers, or those just starting out in the workforce in general. However, to succeed in getting that first developer job, you're going to need to set some clear career goals for yourself. Here are some tips to get you started honing in on those goals as you start off 2018.

Published 5th January 2018
3 minute read

Express Your Enthusiasm With a Memorable Elevator Pitch

 It takes a little finesse to get your elevator speech down pat. But once you do, you'll find yourself navigating your networking events with ease, ready to introduce yourself with confidence and poise. 

Published 29th November 2017
7 minute read

Looking for a Job? How to Work with Technical Recruiters

Sometimes applying to job board after job board isn't enough. Working with recruiters is an efficient way to get your resume and portfolio directly in front of a hiring manager. 

Published 5th October 2017
5 minute read

How to Make the Most out of LinkedIn as a New Developer

Many job seekers simply cut and paste the information from their resumes on their LinkedIn profile, but this is a big mistake. LinkedIn is a great venue for you to share all the things you had to cut from your resume, and a bit of your personality as well.

Published 19th September 2017
5 minute read
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