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Web Development + Cybersecurity + Data Analytics + UX Design

Elite Candidate Pool

Whether alumni or otherwise, we work with the best. Our wonderfully diverse talent pool ranges all backgrounds, experience levels, & technology stacks.

Alumni Community Access

We have hundreds of engaged alumni, allowing us to produce crucial talent within tight timeframes. And with 560+ hours in class, we know them well!

Education Drives Success

All technologists in our community have access to continued learning opportunities, promoting today's skills, quick ramp up, & continued success.

Win the War for Talent

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  • "It's very helpful to have a new source of talent! The groups of candidates are smaller and generally far higher quality, making the search much more focused & preventing the headache of sifting through large numbers of less-than-spectacular developers."

    Philip Hutchins - Storj CTO
  • "They were flexible, did their homework, brought great insight/experience as well as did a lot of work up front to make sure we developed the right course to meet our needs. Execution was flawless. Instructors were top notch. Cared a lot about their course material, delivery, and the students."

    Tor Swennumson - Capgemini
  • "I like that they are educated, but not stuck in their ways. When we hired Josh, we were looking for someone who could contribute right away, not a seasoned developer who might want to 're-invent' the architecture."

    Tom Esposito - BridalLive CTO
  • "Developers that we have sourced from DigitalCrafts have consistently shown a stronger than normal drive to learn and be self-motivated. They have had real-world experience that trumps book-learning alone."

    Philip Hutchins - Storj CTO

Bridging the gap between today's employers and tomorrow's talent.

As one of the most recognized technology bootcamps, education is truly at our core.

How is partnering with DigitalCrafts different? Whether you're an employer seeking talent or a candidate searching for the next opportunity, our commitment to education doesn't stop with our bootcamps. We provide continuing education opportunities for everyone in our talent pool, alumni and new friends alike. Favorite candidate missing something crucial? We can fill in the gaps.

Or, create a sustainable talent pipeline with custom training & onboarding services.

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