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Matt Raines Software Engineer @ Ware2Go

Going to DigitalCrafts was the best decision of my life that I've made professionally. This 16 week full-stack bootcamp taught me all the necessary skills to grow my skills and gain employment as a software engineer, three weeks before graduation! I owe it all to their amazing instructors and staff! They have an amazing curriculum and instructors that are unmatched. If you have the passion and drive to go all in and change your life, DigitalCrafts is the perfect place to make this happen! Thank you!

Inteview with DigitalCrafts Alumnus, Matt Raines

Lauren Reilly Software Engineer @ Ware2Go

I was working as an actor and a baker to make money, and I just wasn't happy with what I was doing. The [bootcamp] that stood out was, hands down, DigitalCrafts. I did my research, and found they were the top-rated bootcamp, with all the current technologies, an ever-changing curriculum, and a great network of employers, teachers, and fellow students. It was such an easy choice for me. I knew that when I graduated bootcamp, I was going to be relevant in today's market. If you want to learn how to code, [...] you can do it! You've got this great network of people at DigitalCrafts, you're not going to be left alone.

Inteview with DigitalCrafts Alumnus, Lauren Reilly

Alex Cleoni Software Engineer @ Home Depot

The experience for me was like I was already in the field. If I had a question about anything, I would ask my teacher and he was more than helpful in explaining it. In the 2 jobs that I've had since I graduated, I've used technologies that I learned from DigitalCrafts, whether it be Express, Node, React, you name it. I honestly don't think that I'd be where I'm at now, doing what I do, if I didn't take that step and apply. Prior to attending DigitalCrafts I was a server at a restaurant, and now I'm a Software Developer at Home Depot!

Inteview with DigitalCrafts Alumnus, Alexander Cleoni

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Getting Ready For The Job Search

Our comittment to our students doesn't stop in the classroom. A dedicated career services team is available in class and after for resume review, portfolio guidance, introductions, and much more. Getting a job is tough, and only you can put in the work in class and after, but we'll do everything we can to help along the way.

  • Build A Professional Portfolio
  • Perfect Your Online Presence
  • Mock Interview Opportunities
  • Resume & Cover Letter Reviews
  • Guest Speakers (If Available)
  • Technical Challenges
  • Alumni Career Fairs
  • Career Talks / Presentations
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It’s been a little over a month since I graduated from DigitalCrafts and I just landed my first developer position. I can definitely thank DigitalCrafts for that.

- Dan, Web Developer @ Turner Broadcasting

I graduated about two weeks ago, and have already had multiple interviews, one job offer (which I accepted), and for the first time in my professional life feel like I have options and control of my career.

- Eli, Software Engineer @ Insiten