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Learn full stack JavaScript & Python development and build fully functional web applications using the most relevant technologies and best-practice methodologies today. Our instructors are seasoned engineers and are extremely passionate about training the next generation of builders, and that starts with you. (src: Course Report 5/19)

Learn More With Elective Workshops

A career as a software engineer is a lifetime of learning, and we always want our alumni engaged. Students and alumni will have exclusive access to learn (and teach!) periodic continuing ed workshops covering complimentary technologies and skills. Past examples include Docker, JS Testing, UI Design, iOS development, and more.

Career Services & Employer Network

Our students receive several career talks, feedback on career assets (portfolio, etc), a technical mock interview, and exposure to our ever-growing employer network. Our entire team is here to ensure you have the best end-to-end experience possible, but come prepared to work hard in the classroom and the job hunt.

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Next Coding Bootcamp in Atlanta Starts Aug 28th, 2019

Team Member

Julie D.

Hired at

"My experience at DigitalCrafts was absolutely amazing. Before starting the program I’d been working in Politics for about 8 years and had absolutely no exposure to coding [...] Length of the program – it’s about 4 weeks longer than most other programs. I think this is crucial. I ended up with a very solid portfolio and understanding of the topics covered that was easy to show off to potential employers. Solid Foundation - I think DigitalCrafts places a bigger emphasis on fundamentals than other bootcamps. Great industry – Bottom line is this is an amazing industry to be in. I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d be so sought after by employers. I had several companies and recruiters reaching out to me asking me to interview and ended up getting 2 offers before the class was over. That never would have happened without the instruction and guidance DigitalCrafts gave me."

Team Member

Sarah B.

Hired at

"I had a great experience at DigitalCrafts. I came in with a background in email marketing, which is where I was exposed to some front end development and decided I wanted to shift my career to the technical side. I chose DC over the other schools for several reasons: the length of the program, the curriculum (front end, back end, plus database), fair price, good reviews, and good vibes after interviewing. This course is very fast-paced, challenging, and time-consuming. You are pushed to your limits. Although class was M-F 9-5, I was in early, stayed late, and sometimes went in on the weekends to keep up. Despite this, I had a blast. Rob was a fantastic teacher — very engaging and enthusiastic, not to mention a wealth of knowledge. I landed a few interviews and ended up accepting an offer for a Software Engineer Apprenticeship at Home Depot, just a few weeks after completing class."

Team Member

Shirlette C.

Hired at

"I was concerned about being a woman in the Tech industry and how that would affect me during coding school and I honestly do believe that DigitalCrafts is THE best coding school/bootcamp in Atlanta [...] You will often hear and read about the intensity of a coding school and about how fast it will be, but it does not compare to actually being in class. You will absolutely hit the ground running sprints. Be as prepare as possible. Do all the pre-work and then some [...] I finished my course Nov. 2nd, was worried about the transition time between finishing the program and being hired, interviewed recently (almost didn't show up because I'm so hard on myself), and received an offer that day. I received a NodeJS/Backend developer position with a company that handles merchant sales. I'm so excited about where I'm heading in life."

"Know that DigitalCrafts is the real deal. You will truly learn how to program. Be aware it's not easy. You will not magically become a programmer just by attending class. You will have to sacrifice much of your free time, come in early, stay late, ask questions, and, above all else, code. [...] If you've begun exploring software development and think it is the right path for you, don't hesitate, DigitalCrafts will help you make that transformation." - Sarah A.

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