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DigitalCrafts Employer Network: 80 Companies And Counting

DigitalCrafts students receive access to our growing Employer Network, which consists of startups, agencies, and companies of all sizes looking for developer talent. Hiring for your development team? Join our network today; no obligations, no fees, just talent.

How Can My Company Get Involved?

Joining our Employer Network is simple and it doesn't cost a thing. Our goal is to introduce our graduates to the most innovative companies around, here in Atlanta and across the US. If you're an employer, hiring manager, or recruiter, you can join our network by completing the signup form located at the bottom of our Recruiting & Staffing page. We understand that employers can't always predict if and when a position might open up, but joining our network keeps you in the loop and better prepared for times of growth. Every company in our network has, at a minimum, agreed to accept and consider our graduates' portfolios should an opening exist, but the involvement doesn't have to stop there. We're always interested in employer feedback on our curriculum, and hope that partners will consider any of these additional ways to stay involved:

Guest Speakers & Lecturers

While we're booked for the current cohort, we are always seeking additional guest speakers and industry experts to share their experiences with our students. We have a great lineup coming up from Stack Overflow, BetterCloud, and Atlanta's own, Kevy!

Graduation Demo Day

At the end of each cohort, our students have the opportunity to present what they've built during their 16 weeks with us, so make sure to come out, network, and enjoy some drinks while our graduates entertain! Click here to RSVP for our next Demo Day, scheduled for February 12, 2016, at the Atlanta Tech Village by shared office space

What Skills Do Your Students Learn?

Our 16 Week Immersive Bootcamp is not your typical program. Our students receive 640 to 712 hours of in-person instruction, learning full-stack web development during the day and iOS mobile development in the evenings. We break the web curriculum up into four units: basic front-end, advanced front-end, the MEAN stack (JavaScript and Node.js), and the LAMP stack (PHP). Students build single page applications in Angular, a subscription-based e-commerce app using Node.js, and are familiar with the command line, Git, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services.

What's Next?

Since the launch of our Employer Network in October, we have signed up more than 80 companies in the Atlanta area, including Accenture, Digital Scientists, Codesmith, BetterCloud, Payscape Advisors, and many more. This is an on-going effort for our staff, and we're currently developing a more formalized apprenticeship program to help graduates gain real-world experience outside of the classroom. While it's still in the early stages, our hope is that this will allow our graduates to join innovative companies under the mentorship of senior developers. Keep an eye out for more details and don't hesitate to reach out to us directly to learn more.

Have a great Christmas, and thanks for your interest in DigitalCrafts!

Jake Hadden Jake Hadden Co-Founder, CEO LinkedIn