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What Students Are Building While Learning Remotely

DigitalCrafts students are never short of creative ideas that keep us inspired. As our current classes have transitioned from the classroom to remote learning, students continued working remotely and recently presented their projects via Zoom.

Here are just a few of the exceptional projects students are working on.


Jamario Davis, Joseph Kim, Paxton Lindsey

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Finding a job can be difficult. Sure, we have resources like LinkedIn, but not all employers list positions on just one site.These students have created an app called JobFinder to help solve that problem. “The purpose of this website is to eliminate job seekers from having to filter through multiple large databases/websites to find jobs specific to their career fields,” says student Jamario Davis.

This project, built with HTML, CSS, Node.js, Express.js and Postgres, provides users with a personalized job search that aggregates job listings from multiple job search sites, then sorts the data based on user preferences like job title and location.

Learn more about how it’s built in the GitHub repo.

Meet Me Halfway

Alina Belova, Daniela Arroyo, Jesse Martinez and John Kearney

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Tired of arguing over where that perfect halfway point is? Meet Me Halfway is an app built using JavaScript that allows you to put in two locations and finds a halfway point between them based on drive time. It then finds all of the restaurants in that area. This is great for navigating huge cities and compromising on a meeting spot!

Check out their website (link removed due to browsering issues 10.2022) and the GitHub repo.

Hold My Liquor

Ally Branno, Victor Gamble and Karley Petracca

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How We're Maintaining Our High Standard of Education During COVID-19

As of March 17, all DigitalCrafts classes are taking place remotely. We will return to in-person classes as soon as we can, but in the meantime, we wanted to share how we're working to ensure that our students get the same high-quality education they've always gotten from us. Lean more about our approach to remote classes in this blog post.

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