Why This CEO Has Hired 5 Graduates from DigitalCrafts

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job as Student Services Director is watching a student transition from DigitalCrafts into his or her first developer job. Earlier this month, TechRepublic released a study stating, "80% of companies have hired a coding bootcamp graduate, all said they would do it again" and going even further to say, "42% of tech hiring managers and recruiters said they don't have a preference as to whether a job candidate has a computer science degree or is a bootcamp graduate."

As someone who spends a majority of their time building and fostering relationships with companies and hiring managers, this study is in line with what I see every day and has been a significant milestone within the coding bootcamp ecosystem.

After reading this study, I felt it would be beneficial to reach out to one of our key partners here in Atlanta to get their perspective on this very same point. Insiten is a company headquartered in Atlanta who has hired five DigitalCrafts graduates, and we want you to hear directly from their CEO, Adam Trien.

Q&A with Adam Trien, CEO of Insiten

1. What do you like about hiring from DigitalCrafts?

When I hire from DigitalCrafts, I know that I am going to get a candidate who is highly trained in multiple development languages, debugging techniques, data persistence, SDLC tools, and best practices. They come with experience developing as individuals and as team contributors. I also appreciate how DigitalCraft graduates create portfolio sites to showcase their software development capabilities. This gives me great insight into the skill level and thought process of each candidate before we even have our first conversation.

2. What sets a coding bootcamp graduate apart from the rest of applicants?

Most traditional colleges focus on software development theory as opposed to practical application. A bootcamp graduate has hands-on experience developing production grade software using leading-edge tools and techniques. Also, I notice a distinct difference in the drive of a bootcamp graduate. They have sacrificed significant time and capital to attend a bootcamp and are hungry to continue learning and gain real-world experience.

3. In general, have you found coding bootcamp graduates are able to get up to speed quickly?

Absolutely. The DigitalCrafts graduates that I have hired have been able to significantly contribute to our projects on day one. They do not require nearly the amount of training and hand holding typical of a junior developer.


We want to thank Adam and the Insiten team for their continued support! If your company is interested in joining the DigitalCrafts Employer Network, you can click here to sign up today. Recruiting from our program is completely free.

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Jake Hadden

Co-Founder, CEO