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Why This CEO Has Hired 5 Graduates from DigitalCrafts

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job as Student Services Director is watching a student transition from DigitalCrafts into his or her first developer job. Earlier this month, TechRepublic released a study stating, "80% of companies have hired a coding bootcamp graduate, all said they would do it again" and going even further to say, "42% of tech hiring managers and recruiters said they don't have a preference as to whether a job candidate has a computer science degree or is a bootcamp graduate."

Published 23rd May 2017
5 minute read

DigitalCrafts Demo Day: August Celebration Recap

On Friday, August 19th, we welcomed another tireless bunch into the DigitalCrafts community of #builders. Together with family, friends, prospective employers and fellow #builders, we celebrated our third DigitalCrafts Demo Day in Atlanta with our newest graduating cohort at Switchyards Downtown Club. Thank you to all those who came out to show their support towards DigitalCrafts and our students - we are extremely grateful! For those who couldn't make this one, we've captured some nice shots below to share. Enjoy!

Published 29th August 2016
3 minute read

DigitalCrafts Employer Network: 80 Companies And Counting

Hiring for your development team? Join our network today; no obligations, no fees, just talent.

Published 21st December 2015
5 minute read

DigitalCrafts Partners With LaunchCode To Help Place Students

DigitalCrafts is one of LaunchCode's newest Education Partners! LaunchCode partners with hundreds of companies (300+ employers today) to set up special on-ramps into apprenticeships and jobs in technology that bypass traditional credentials and focuses on the individual. If you have the aptitude, professionalism, and skills to get a job, LaunchCode can help you get your foot in the door.

Published 17th August 2015
5 minute read