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7 Free Tools That Will Help You Level Up Your UX Design Skills

UX design is a rewarding, in-demand field. Here are 7 free tools to help you gain new design skills and determine whether learning UX design is right for you.

Published 29th July 2021
4 minute read

3 of the Most In-Demand UX Career Options

UX design opportunities are growing fast. Research, user interface and other UX areas drive better product experiences, and a rewarding career for you.

Published 15th July 2021
4 minute read

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider A UX Career in 2021

The demand for UX designers is on the rise & the field can be financially rewarding. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should consider a career in UX design in 2021.

Published 5th May 2021
4 minute read

Announcing DigitalCrafts' UX Design Bootcamp

Gain new tech skills in our UX Design class. You'll learn UX/UI fundamentals, interaction design, information architecture & more in our training for aspiring designers.

Published 1st April 2021
4 minute read

My First UI Design Project: Building A Photography Portfolio Website

DigitalCrafts student Tracy Nguyen talks about her UI strategy in designing a portfolio site for her photography business.

Published 24th September 2019
3 minute read

Learn User Experience Design With New Elective Format

Like any software company with a product, we are constantly iterating on the educational opportunities we provide our students. Our core "product" is the 16-Week Programming Bootcamp, but one of the aspects that makes our program so unique is our additional continuing education tracks, i.e. "electives."

Published 29th March 2016
5 minute read