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From Social Work to Software Engineer: One Mom's Story

Find out how DigitalCrafts alumna Ashley juggled attending a coding bootcamp with the demands of being a mom.

Published 10th May 2019
2 minute read

Webinar: What is a DigitalCrafts Coding Bootcamp Really Like?

Curious about what it's like to attend one of our bootcamps? In a recent webinar, DigitalCrafts grads April and Clare share what it's like to be a student at DigitalCrafts, what they learned and how we helped them land the job.

Published 11th April 2019
3 minute read

Atlanta Bootcamp to Silicon Valley Startup: How I Got a Job After My Coding Bootcamp

Finding a new job can be tough enough, but add in a cross-country move to a new city, and you've got a whole new kind of challenge. Alumna Merilee Wheelock shares her experience and offers job search tips for new bootcamp grads.

Published 31st January 2019
6 minute read

Being a Woman in Tech

What is it like to be a woman in the field of technology? We sat down with four women in different areas of the field and at different stages of their career to get their perspectives. We discussed what interests them about their current field, some challenges they have faced, and what they would like to see changed. 

Published 2nd May 2018
12 minute read

Hypepotamus 'Tech Talent' Features Three DigitalCrafts Students

Atlanta blog Hypepotamus is one of DigitalCrafts' favorite windows into the local tech scene. Recently, three students from the soon-to-be-graduating Atlanta Full Stack Immersive June cohort were featured in the Tech Talent section. 

Published 11th October 2017
3 minute read

Getting a Job After DigitalCrafts: How I Did It

Learn about how DigitalCrafts Alumnus John Coppola dedicated his time as a student to find his dream job. 

Published 24th August 2017
4 minute read

Getting a Job After DigitalCrafts: How I Did It

We sat down with DigitalCrafts Alumna Julie Dyer to hear how she landed a job while attending DigitalCrafts. 

Published 27th July 2017
3 minute read

What Is A Coding Bootcamp Really Like? Two DigitalCrafts Students Share Their Experiences

Ever wonder what it's like to be a coding bootcamp student at DigitalCrafts? We interviewed two current students and learned all about the early mornings, mini-victories and self-doubt. 

Published 11th July 2017
4 minute read

Our Students Have Done It Again! Demo Day Recap

Our students have done it again! Congratulations to the 16 DigitalCrafts graduates who completed their 16-week Full Stack Immersive program earlier this month. I know I speak for the whole team when I say it is always bittersweet to send a new group of builders out into the world after getting to know each one so well. Let's take a minute to recap Demo Day and recognize this group's achievements.

Published 14th June 2017
5 minute read

DigitalCrafts Students Win First Place at ATL Goodie Hack [Gentrification]

Team Mini City, which consisted of three current DigitalCraft student developers, can now add "Hackathon Winner" to their resumes! The team participated at the 2016 Goodie Hack [Gentrification] event which took place at TechSquare Labs, a local tech incubator located near Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. Participants were given 48 hours to form teams, conceptualize and develop a prototype that would improve or solve local economic issues. Team Mini City won first place for creating tech-enabled container modules that assist the homeless.

Published 19th October 2016
4 minute read
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