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Ultimate Guide: Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Coding Bootcamp

Considering a coding bootcamp? Here's a comprehensive list of potential questions you may want to ask as you evaluate schools.

Published 28th November 2018
3 minute read

A Student's Thoughts After Landing A Job Offer In Week 8

We're extremely proud of student Joe Hice, who just signed an offer letter he received in week 8 of our current cohort! Joe will remain with the class until his start date on May 23rd, when he will be joining the team at Liaison Technologies as their newest front-end developer. Joe is the new record holder for "quickest hire," and will soon be partaking in our favorite tradition at DigitalCrafts, the "Samurai Sword Meets Champagne Bottle" toast! Read on for Joe's take on his experience.

Published 26th April 2016
5 minute read