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Make Your Coding Bootcamp's Group Projects A Success With These Tips

In a coding bootcamp (and at work), you'll need to work with others on group projects. Here are tips from a current student to help make your group project a success.

Published 6th December 2019
3 minute read

The Power of Rubber Duck Debugging: How Teaching Helps You Learn

Sometimes, the best way to make sure that you understand a topic is to explain it to someone else, even if that someone else is a rubber duck. Behold the power of rubber duck debugging.

Published 13th December 2018
3 minute read

Neato Burrito: JavaScript Promises and Async/Await

Promises were one of the first concepts in JavaScript that really made my brain melt. Then I was taught in my DigitalCrafts class to think of the assembly line at Chipotle, and everything seemed to click into place. And thanks to ES8, we got some syntactic sugar called ‘async/ await’ to clean up our Promises, giving us a shorter, nicer-looking way to write asynchronous functions.

Published 30th November 2018
5 minute read

Ultimate Guide: Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Coding Bootcamp

Considering a coding bootcamp? Here's a comprehensive list of potential questions you may want to ask as you evaluate schools.

Published 28th November 2018
3 minute read

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Since they emerged in 2011, coding bootcamps have been instrumental in addressing the ever-growing gap between demand (high) and supply (low) for software developers. But, "accelerated learning programs" are still a relatively new concept. So, "What is a coding bootcamp?"

Published 22nd November 2018
10 minute read

4 Bad Coding Habits to Eliminate From Your Routine

We all have working methods and coding practices that suit us, but it can be easy to pick up bad habits along the way. Ditching these four habits ASAP will help you become a more elegant and efficient programmer.

Published 7th November 2018
6 minute read

Top 6 Best Blogs for New Developers

Here we go -- a blog about blogs! But not just any blogs, blogs meant specifically for new developers. There are hundreds of tech-related blogs published daily, but which ones are worth the time and the weekly email to your inbox? We've taken the time to search the internet high and low and find the best blog resources for those new to the tech and development industry. Each blogger offers a unique takeaway and reassures the strength of the tech community. 

Published 22nd June 2017
5 minute read

Student Blog: Best Text Editors and IDEs for Web Development

The first essential thing for all developers to square away is their development environment. In this article, recent Alumnus Andy Tuttle compares some of the most popular text editors and IDEs to help you get set up and coding away.

Published 25th May 2017
4 minute read

What is Postman, and Why Should I Use It?

Kevin Farmer explains how Postman improves API development and offers a quick tutorial on this must-have tool.

Published 25th April 2017
3 minute read

5 Resume Building Tips for Aspiring Software Developers

Resume writing can be an intimidating task for many, especially if you are in the midst of switching careers, like many coding bootcamp students. The good news is that there are plenty of free resources online to help guide you as you begin to prepare for a career in technology. After some research, we've pulled together some helpful tips to keep handy when building a technical resume.

Published 26th September 2016
5 minute read