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Building the Future of Advertising Using ARKit

Advertising is the means of selling items of value to people. Whether you see a billboard on the highway or a poster on the wall or a commercial on TV, all of these are ways of advertising a product to the customers. In the future Augmented Reality is going to play a very important role in how ads will be presented to the consumers.

Published 18th April 2018
5 minute read

Why Programming Classes in Houston?

Last month, we shared some exciting news regarding the launch of our second coding bootcamp campus in Houston this fall. Naturally, that led to a new commonly asked question - why programming classes in Houston? Why not New York, San Francisco or some other well-known, vibrant tech hub? Houston was the clear choice for DigitalCrafts' second campus for a multitude of reasons, and we'd like to share a few of them with you here!

Published 4th August 2016
7 minute read

Upcoming (Free) Workshops & Info Sessions - July 2015

Check out our July 2015 schedule! We have evening workshops for beginners looking to expand their skill set, and we also have a Meet the Instructor / Immersive Info Session for those who want to learn more about our Immersive Full Stack Javascript Program.

Published 17th June 2015
3 minute read
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