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Out of Room? What to Cut from a Developer Resume

A one-page resume is ideal -- but how do you know what to cut and what should be left in? Continue reading for some suggestions on how to edit your resume to make sure the important information stands out. 

Published 18th July 2017
7 minute read

How to Identify Your Transferable Skills and Develop Your Personal Narrative

New developers have a tendency to focus exclusively on their technical skills when looking for a development job. However, it can be very beneficial to take some time to think about your soft skills too, and how they can be applied to a career in development. 

Published 17th April 2017
5 minute read

Career Switchers: Write Your Developer Resume Like a Pro

For career switchers, writing that first full-stack developer resume can be intimidating. Here's what to to focus on to make a competitive developer resume, even if you're new to the field. 

Published 27th February 2017
5 minute read