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Instructor Profile: Greg Kipper, Cybersecurity

Greg Kipper started his career in cybersecurity more than 25 years ago working in military intelligence in the U.S. Army. It was there that he discovered his love for technology and how  critical it is to our safety and security. 

Published 17th May 2022
3 minute read

Macs Vs PCs Choosing For Your Bootcamp

Deciding on a Mac or PC for your bootcamp is dependent on a number of factors that go beyond personal preference. While individual software and other equipment requirements are included in the syllabus for each bootcamp, the type of computer you choose hinges on a number of factors.

Published 6th May 2022
5 minute read

Meet the Instructor: UX Design Bootcamp

Meet Brittany Bellanca, Instructor of the inaugural UX Design bootcamp. Brittany is a web, visual, and experience designer with roots in psychology, education, and startups. She received her MA from the University of Florida in Mass Communication with a specialization in Web Design and Online Communication.

Published 16th March 2022
5 minute read

Considering a Career in UX Design? Watch this Instructor Q&A

Leading up to the May start, UX Design Instructor Brittany Bellanca took part in live Q&A to discuss what to expect from the course and what sets DigitalCrafts apart from other bootcamps.

Published 4th March 2022
5 minute read

Why Invest in a Tech Bootcamp When You Can Learn For Free?

Of course, you should do your own research before selecting a bootcamp to enroll in. Not all programs are created equal, and it’s important to fully understand what a particular bootcamp can do for you and your career. It goes beyond the course materials.

Published 3rd March 2022
5 minute read

Myths You’re Telling Yourself About Tech Bootcamps—And What You Should Do Instead

Some people (maybe even you!) still hold onto myths about tech bootcamps. Here are the top objections we hear from prospective students, and what you should consider instead.

Published 26th August 2021
4 minute read

5 Ways to Learn to Code for Free in 2020

Programming is one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. Start learning to code with these free resources recommended by our team. And if you've hit the wall with self-learning, we can also help you get over that hurdle!

Published 7th May 2020
2 minute read

Summer Coding Bootcamps for Kids in Atlanta

We've compiled a list of Atlanta-area summer coding camps that teach children web and mobile app development, as well as robotics, game design and other STEM programs.

Published 13th March 2019
3 minute read

Start Coding with These Communities for Women Programmers

Start building your coding skills with these programming communities for women developers.

Published 15th February 2019
4 minute read

What Is the Difference Between Front-end and Back-end Development?

In this post, Shar'nee Francis discusses the differences between front-end and back-end development, and shares some job titles that are relevant for each field.

Published 8th February 2019
4 minute read