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What is jQuery, and Should You Learn it in 2018?

Published 11th December 2018
3 minute read

Ultimate Guide: Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Coding Bootcamp

Considering a coding bootcamp? Here's a comprehensive list of potential questions you may want to ask as you evaluate schools.

Published 28th November 2018
3 minute read

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Since they emerged in 2011, coding bootcamps have been instrumental in addressing the ever-growing gap between demand (high) and supply (low) for software developers. But, "accelerated learning programs" are still a relatively new concept. So, "What is a coding bootcamp?"

Published 22nd November 2018
10 minute read

4 Bad Coding Habits to Eliminate From Your Routine

We all have working methods and coding practices that suit us, but it can be easy to pick up bad habits along the way. Ditching these four habits ASAP will help you become a more elegant and efficient programmer.

Published 7th November 2018
6 minute read

ELI7L: JavaScript for Juveniles

Alumnus, Dan McKinney, believes that teaching a subject or craft to anyone helps to strengthen your own grasp. But what about when you are teaching JavaScript to a seven year old? 

Published 26th September 2018
7 minute read

Top 5 Javascript Newsletters for Bootcamp Alumni

Newsletters are an excellent and easy way to stay up to date with the ever-changing trends of the tech world. They provide new tricks of the trade, important news, sometimes job postings, and a constant source of conversation at networking events and job interviews. Jonathan Martin, Lead Instructor at DigitalCrafts and Javascript guru, has shared his favorite newsletters and why they are worth the read. 

Published 18th July 2018
4 minute read

Top 5 Tech Meetups in Houston

Attending regular Meetups can be one of the most effective ways to network oneself into a new opportunity - not to mention the educational value and the potential to form lasting relationships with new mentors and friends. Here are 5 popular tech Meetups in Houston that you should check out! 

Published 20th June 2018
2 minute read

Why Do Developers Use Macs Instead of PCs?

Instead of starting a feud about Mac’s or PCs being better, we decided to find out what it is about Macs that made developers feel more at home. Who better to explain that, than the developers themselves in one on one interviews!

Published 6th June 2018
8 minute read

Summer Coding Bootcamps in Atlanta

We've compiled a list of summer coding camps in the Greater Atlanta area that teaches kids various skills such as app creation, mobile & web development, and in some cases, robotics.

Published 22nd May 2018
10 minute read

What are JavaScript Promises?

Whether you are writing code for the browser or the backend, programming in JavaScript means writing chunks of code that could run at any time in the future. For example, imagine a web page that displays trains schedules for different stations. When a user chooses one of the stations, the data for that station is retrieved from the network, and then that data is shown to the user. When learning JavaScript, newcomers must master a number of asynchronous programming techniques. One of these is the use of Promises.

Published 16th May 2018
8 minute read
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