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Tips for Success in Your Online Bootcamp

Here are some proven tips to help prepare for your successful online tech bootcamp experience, whether for your first or your next job in tech.

Published 23rd September 2021
6 minute read

7 Free Tools That Will Help You Level Up Your UX Design Skills

UX design is a rewarding, in-demand field. Here are 7 free tools to help you gain new design skills and determine whether learning UX design is right for you.

Published 29th July 2021
4 minute read

3 of the Most In-Demand UX Career Options

UX design opportunities are growing fast. Research, user interface and other UX areas drive better product experiences, and a rewarding career for you.

Published 15th July 2021
4 minute read

Are Coding Bootcamps Tax Deductible?

With the April 15th taxdeadline quickly approaching, code school graduates often ask whether or not their bootcamp tuition is deductible on their tax returns.

Published 8th February 2021
2 minute read

Make The Most of Conference Scholarships & Networking With These Tips

Teen entrepreneur Destiny Adams has been changing the landscape of the tech community for years by teaching others to code. In this post, she shares her tips for securing tech conference scholarships & networking at events.

Published 5th November 2020
8 minute read

5 Black Tech Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

It can be a challenge to find stories of Black technologists, so we’ve rounded up some podcasts led by Black hosts that will teach you tech skills and about life as a software engineer. 

Published 30th July 2020
3 minute read

5 Ways to Learn to Code for Free in 2020

Programming is one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. Start learning to code with these free resources recommended by our team. And if you've hit the wall with self-learning, we can also help you get over that hurdle!

Published 7th May 2020
2 minute read

Learn How to Start a New Group Project on GitHub

Katy Gibson shares best practices for collaborating on GitHub projects.

Published 16th July 2019
3 minute read

Summer Coding Bootcamps for Kids in Atlanta

We've compiled a list of Atlanta-area summer coding camps that teach children web and mobile app development, as well as robotics, game design and other STEM programs.

Published 13th March 2019
3 minute read

Start Coding with These Communities for Women Programmers

Start building your coding skills with these programming communities for women developers.

Published 15th February 2019
4 minute read