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We're moving in Houston! Shiny New Campus, Same DigitalCrafts

We are moving our Houston Campus to "The Cannon," an incredible new collaborative space for Houston's tech community.

Published 20th November 2018
5 minute read

Come Hell or High Water: DigitalCrafts Houston's Newest Full Stack Immersive Cohort

Despite Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, these students came together to learn and grow. Find out some of the challenges they faced and overcame to join us on their first day.

Published 14th September 2017
3 minute read

Big News! DigitalCrafts is Coming to Houston

We couldn't be more excited about this announcement...we're coming to Houston! As DigitalCrafts' second campus location, Houston already feels like a natural fit. Our campus will be located in the new Headquarters Building, which is going to be an incredible environment for our students to dive into the world of software. Class starts October 31st!

Published 8th July 2016
6 minute read