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Full Stack Flex Program

26 Week Part-time Coding Bootcamp

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"It was very cool to go from a complete newbie learning a bunch of new skills, to then looking at the job market and saying 'Oh awesome, we are already learning this in class.'

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Sept 18th, 2018 - Apr 2nd, 2019 In Session
Apr 30th, 2019 - Nov 12th, 2019  Enrolling Now

Class size is limited. When a class fills up, applicants form a waiting list, which is first-in-first-out.
  • Cutting-edge Curriculum

    We're always iterating in response to the evolving market trends in technology. You'll learn the hottest tools of today, but more imporantly you'll gain a lasting foundation for the tools of tomorrow.

  • Expert Instructors & Staff

    Our instructors are actual software engineers with plenty of real world experience. You'll be learning from industry experts, supported by ownership and staff who sincerely care about your success.

  • Review Class Recordings

    While this is an in-person program, each class is recorded and available online so students can review. Now it's easier to catch up if you have to miss a class.

  • Career Services Team

    From exposure to our growing network of employers, to resume reviews and mock interviews, our dedicated Career Services Team is here to help you throughout class and into the job search.

High Level Curriculum

At DigitalCrafts, you will learn the most cutting edge technologies on the market today. More importantly, you'll learn how to continue learning, so you can stay cutting edge for the market tomorrow.

Markup Language Building block of the Web
Cascading Style Sheets Stylize your HTML
Scripting Language Introduce variables & logic
Javascript Library "Write less, do more"
Front-End Framework Beautify sites easily
JS Object Notation Data interchange format
Javascript Libraries Give your JS superpowers
Operating System Your server's OS
Web Server Open source web server
A SQL Database Server Store & retrieve data the SQL way
Programming Techniques Sort, search, manipulate data
Amazon Web Services AWS Servers even host the CIA's sites
Node.js WAF Web app framework
Javascript Platform Take JS to the server

We constantly update our curriculum in response to job market and technology trends. As such, this list is subject to change.

26-Week Class Schedule


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Thursday Evenings



Additional Course Information

  • What is DigitalCrafts?

    DigitalCrafts is an Accelerated Learning Program (more affectionately known as a code school or coding bootcamp). Basically, we train beginners in software engineering through two intensive classroom formats: our full-time "Full Stack Immersive" program, and our part-time "Full Stack Flex" program.

  • Can I keep my day job while a student?

    Yes, it's takes a lot of drive, but the Full Stack Flex Program is designed with working professionals in mind.

  • What happens if I miss class? Can I attend remotely?

    While in-person attendance is mandatory, we know that life sometimes gets in the way. That's why we live stream and record each class for review and/or catch up.

    Please note: students must adhere to the attendance policy in order to qualify for a certificate upon completion. We're big believers in the brick-and-mortar classroom, and there's just no substitute for learning alongside your peers.

  • Is prior programming experience required?

    Our Full Stack curriculum is crafted with beginner to intermediate coders in mind. While no prior experience is required, the more self-study before class the better. This is especially true for the Flex Program, given the part-time format and self-guided work required.

    Once accepted, you will be asked to complete some prerequisite assignments to help ensure each student arrives on the first day with a strong understanding of basic web development fundamentals. You will also be asked to learn some basic Javascript concepts in order to prepare for your assessment during the admissions process.

  • How much is tuition? Are there payment plans?

    Base tuition for the Flex program is $9,500. A $1,000 deposit is required to secure your seat, or approval from our financing partner (Skills Fund) for the full amount.

    The remaining balance of tuition (after your deposit) may be paid in full before class starts or with 4 payments throughout class. We also offer financing over 3 or 5 years through our partner, Skills Fund.

    Ways to lower tuition: If you apply, are accepted, and secure your seat by the early enrollment deadlines listed on our schedule, we will take $250 off tuition. If you pay your tuition in full before class starts, we'll take an additional $250 off tuition. Alternatively, you may qualify for one of our scholarships! We're proud to award partial scholarships to women, veterans, and builders with especially inspiring stories.

  • How many students are in a class?

    Currently, our average class size is ~17 students, ranging between 10 and 24. Your cohort may have more or less, as there is some seasonality in enrollment, but we always maintain an efficient and effective classroom environment.

  • What equiptment do I need?

    We strongly advise using Mac computers in class, but it's not required for Flex students. Using a Mac helps ensure that our instructors will be able to debug any issues that are specific to your operating system. Other than that, all of the software we'll use is freely available, and we'll provide the external monitor to keep the code flowing.

  • Will I be a member of Atlanta Tech Village / Headquarters as a student?

    Atlanta: All of our Atlanta students, Immersive and Flex alike, are members of Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) for the duration of class at no extra cost (a ~$2,600 value for Flex students). This means 24/7 access to the building, an onsite fitness center, free beer, snacks, Friday lunches, a killer rooftop patio, and access to networking and mentorship opportunities geared towards technology entrepreneurs. Stop by anytime and say 'hey' to the alumni working for startups in the building!

    Houston: Our Houston students are members of HeadquartersHTX for the duration of class, but will only have access to the building during class hours. Parking is free as well, which is a big perk in Houston!

  • Is career support provided?

    Flex students may opt in to receive the same personalized career support as our Immersive students, which includes portfolio guidance, mock interview practice, and exposure to our ever-growing list of employer partners. In addition, our dedicated Career Services Director is available to provide detailed feedback on everything from cover letters and resumes, to projects, portfolios, and emails to employers.

    If you're a true beginner looking to land a new job as an engineer soon after graduation, you may find the Immersive Program a better fit. The Flex Program has fewer class hours, and relies more heavily on self-guided discipline and study, so landing a full-time role with no prior self-learning can be more difficult in this format. It's certainly possible, but we want to set expectations appropriately.

  • What will I be able to do with the skills I learn?

    Empower yourself to build functional full-stack web applications using the tools and best-practices the market demands today. If you've ever had an idea but couldn't imagine how to build it, we'll teach you how.

    The most valuable goal is to learn how to continue to learn. We want you to leave thinking, "I don't need help anymore, I can master this on my own." Know that this is a career of continuing education. The second you stop learning, you'll find yourself a Blackberry developer! (A what?)

  • Can Flex students enroll in Elective Workshops?

    As long as a workshop's timing doesn't interfere with normal class (they vary), students are welcome to attend. Alumni are always wecome as well, just like Immersive students :) They're typically recorded, and we'll post them to our Slack community afterwards.

  • Is the Flex Program available in Houston and Atlanta?


  • How is DigitalCrafts different from other programs?

    A successful entrepreneur once told our founders that "succeeding in business is simple. Do what you say you're going to do, and treat every customer like they're your first and last. If you say you're going to perform a service for somebody, do it well - most people won't."

    We believe the above state of mind, a firm belief in honesty and transparency, and the hard work of our instructors and staff is what has set us apart. It doesn't hurt that our instructors are the best, our class sizes are smaller, and the cost per hour of instruction is well below our competitors.

    Our alumni reviews tell it better than we can.

  • What about 'university' bootcamps?

    You may have noticed universties around the country beginning to offer bootcamps of their own. It's not our way to speak ill of competitors, but we do want to provide some much needed transparency to prospective students evaluating these programs. The "university" bootcamps are (almost) all taught by the same 3rd party for-profit company. The employees you interact with (admissions team, instructors, teaching assistants, career services team) do not work for the university, but rather for the 3rd party company. The university simply lends its brand, color scheme, and then shares in the profit. Also, because the university receives as much as 50% of the profit, they have to pack far more students in the classroom to make it finacially viable for both parties.

    Remember that it's not the logo on the certificate that gets you an interview, it's your portfolio and demonstrable skillset as a quality engineer. If you do evaluate a "university" bootcamp, make sure to find out who the instructors are, research the reviews of the company actually in charge of the program, and ask for verifiable student outcome reports. Here are ours: Atlanta | Houston

  • How can I ask more questions?

    Reach out anytime, our team is here to help. You can schedule a call, send us an email, or just give us a ring: (833) 327 - 2387. We look forward to chatting!

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