Scholarships, Grants, and Offers

Education is significant investment. To help reduce your out of pocket costs, and increase access to our coding and design bootcamps, we offer several scholarships and tuition reduction options. See what you might qualify for.

  • You Belong in Tech Scholarship ($250)
  • Builder Scholarship ($250)
  • Alumni Referral Grant ($250)
  • Educational Partner Grant (% off varies by partner)
  • Decision-Maker Incentive ($250 off tuition)
  • Achievement Grant (up to 100% tuition covered)*
  • Lifelong Learning Grant (up to 50% of tuition)

*Available for participating employers only.

Institutional grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the Institution’s Catalog or on its website and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.

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  • Software Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI Fundamentals
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Decision-Maker Incentive
  • Scholarship Award*
  • Refundable Deposit
  • Financing Available
  • Installment Plans

Base Tuition

  • Software DevelopmentSoftware Dev.:13,500
  • Cybersecurity:13,500
  • AI Fundamentals:13,500
  • AI & Machine Learning:13,500
  • Early Bird Discounts:$250 off tuition
  • Scholarship Award:$250 towards tuition
  • Refundable Deposit:$99 Deposit
  • Financing:3-10 Year Terms
  • Installment Plans:0% Interest Plan AvailableAvail.

* Institutional grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the institution's Catalog or on it's website and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.

Payment Options

Financing Options

Finance your tuition with a third-party lender listed below - or select any 3rd party option of your choice.

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Zero Interest Installments

Break up your tuition into manageable payments for any of our programs. 50% before class begins, with four equal payments throughout the class. Available to all DigitalCrafts students.

See Example Payment Schedule

Pay Tuition Upfront

You may also pay your full tuition upfront via ACH, credit payment or check.

Finance Your Education

Looking to finance your education? Third-party lenders offer affordable loan options for DigitalCrafts’ students across all financial backgrounds.

climb credit logo

Climb Credit Financing

Climb Credit is an innovative student lending platform that provides accessible and affordable payment options for your education.

Climb will define a plan and payment options for DigitalCrafts’ students across all financial backgrounds.

Apply For Financing*

*See each lender's application form for additional disclosures required by Truth in Lending Act

Our Recommended Lenders

Private education loans are credit-based consumer loans that can be used to pay any post-secondary education-related expenses, including tuition and fees, books, and transportation. Always consider your lowest-cost options first, including grants, scholarships, and all student loan eligibility. Eligibility for private loans is based on credit-worthiness and ability to repay, not on financial need. AIU and DigitalCrafts are not responsible for making loan eligibility determination for private education loans.

We are providing you with these lending options as they provide competitive loan options for our students. You do not need to select any of these lenders, and we encourage you to look around for additional financing options that may be available to you. You have the right to choose any private lender you wish, and DigitalCrafts will work with any lender a student chooses to process his or her student loan.

Private Loan Options available to our students:

Lender Climb Credit
Interest Rates* 7.99% - 20.49%
Origination Fee 5%
Payment Deferral Interest-only while in school + 3 months for full-time students
Repayment Terms ~3 - 5 years
Co-borrowers Applying with co-borrower may improve interest rate but isn't needed for approval if 18+ with US address

*Borrower must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. Rates will vary depending on financial standing and credit history. Rates as of 9/5/2023.

DigitalCrafts receives no fee or other consideration from these lenders for loans they make to DigitalCrafts students. DigitalCrafts believes that the loans offered by the two lenders listed above are competitive with terms offered by other private lenders; however, DigitalCrafts recommends that you investigate other available financing options before making a decision as to how you will finance your education at DigitalCrafts. DigitalCrafts accepts loans from any eligible lender you select.

Method and Criteria for Lender Selection

The lenders listed above, have indicated they will make loans to students in the DigitalCrafts program offerings. Furthermore, at least annually, we request information such as their disclosures, interest rates, origination and other fees and repayment options from our potential preferred lenders. We will also factor in the quality of the servicing that our students have received, factoring in student feedback and complaints, if any. Based on this information and we make our preferred lender list, with what we consider to be in the student’s best interests. DigitalCrafts evaluates and reviews lenders at least annually.


These lenders are not an affiliate of each other.

Code of Conduct

DigitalCrafts recognizes that ensuring the integrity of the student financial aid process is critical to providing students fair and affordable access to higher education. In furtherance of that goal, DigitalCrafts has promulgated the HEOA Code of Conduct (the “Code”) which prohibits activities which may create conflicts of interest in the student financial aid process between, on the one hand, DigitalCrafts and its campuses, and, on the other, its students and their parents. This Code is in accordance with the requirements of the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (“HEOA”), and incorporates all terms, definitions, exceptions and conditions set forth in the HEOA. You may view our code of conduct here

Financial Aid Opportunities Available to Students

Title IV funding can offer lower cost funding options, however, programs offered by DigitalCrafts are either not eligible for, or are not currently participating in the Federal (Title IV) financial aid programs. To review eligibility for federal student aid, please visit: Please note, that the DigitalCraft programs do not currently participate in the Federal Student Aid programs.

The choice is yours

You may borrow from any lender you choose and are not required to use a lender on our preferred lender list. DigitalCrafts will accept loans from any eligible lender you select.


Prior to finalizing a private educational loan, your lender will send you a Self-Certification form upon request.

Additional Tuition Information

Yes, you can change your mind up until the start of class. If you choose to finance tuition, you can't change your mind once class begins, but you can prepay with no penalty. We always do our best to work with students, so feel free to reach out with any questions surrounding tuition or payments.

A pro-rated refund will be given up until the 50% point in class.

Financing: If you withdraw within the refund period, and you financed tuition, we'll pro-rate your refund and lower the balance of your loan accordingly. You'll still be responsible for making the associated payments for your remaining balance.

Students have the option to pay tuition in full prior to the start of class, set up a 0% interest installment plan paid over the duration of their program, or finance tuition through a third-party lender.

If you plan to pay the full tuition directly to DigitalCrafts, please refer to the payment schedule provided. Tuition payment can be made via cashier’s check, personal check, debit card, credit card, or bank transfer.

If you plan to utilize an installment plan to pay for tuition, 50% of the invoice balance is due 10 business days before the class start date. The remainder of the balance will be divided into four equal payments due throughout the program.

If the tuition payment is not received within two weeks of the payment due date, DigitalCrafts reserves the right to remove a student from class for non-payment.

The $99 deposit reserves your seat in class and is fully refundable if you decide not to join us prior to class starting.

Scholarships can be combined with any other grants and tuition incentives; however, scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships. Students may qualify for up to one scholarship, one alumni grant, and one enrollment incentive. The only exceptions are the Educational Partner Grant and the Lifelong Learning Grant, which cannot be combined with any other scholarship, grant, or offer.

Employers often send employees through our training programs, and in many cases we are able to provide corporate pricing that fits within your teams' budget. Please reach out to with all corporate inquiries.

DigitalCrafts is not able to accept any VA benefits (including GI BIll, VET TEC, and VRRAP) or WIOA funding at this time.

While DigitalCrafts, a part of the AIU System, is part of a Title IV eligible institution offering Title IV eligible programs, DigitalCrafts has elected and designated some of its programs as not participating in Title IV federal financial aid programs. If a program is designated in this manner, it will be noted in its catalog description. This means students enrolling in these designated programs may not use Federal Student Aid to help pay for them. Instead, it offers a variety of zero interest payment options for students.

An ISA or Income Share Agreement is a tuition funding option offered by some schools that allows a student to receive funding to attend their program and in exchange, they promise to pay a percentage of their future income to the school for a set period of time after graduation.

DigitalCrafts does not offer ISA’s as they are often not beneficial to students and can include lengthy terms and conditions that may be misleading. We also do not guarantee employment or a specific salary. Instead, we offer various options to pay for tuition as well as scholarships and grants for students who qualify.

Reach out anytime, our team is here to help. You can schedule a call, send us an email, or just give us a ring: (833) 327 - 2387. We look forward to chatting!

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