3 Ways to Finance Your Coding Bootcamp Tuition

Editor's note: This blog post was updated 4/23/20

The biggest barrier for those who want to enroll in our programs and get a coding bootcamp education is the cost. We want to make coding bootcamps more accessible for everyone who wants to gain new skills and pursue their passions in our classes, so our team has worked hard to provide a number of payment options for our programs, whether you're attending in person or enrolling in one of our online bootcamps.

Option #1: Pay Your Tuition Upfront

The first option is to pay your tuition in full before you begin your class. This option offers you the lowest overall cost and provides the best value, because you won't be charged tuition or fees. Payment is simple, and takes little time to complete.

We know that this option isn't available for everyone, so we offer a few other options as well.

Option #2: Finance Your Tuition with a 3rd-Party Loan 

(available for Immersive & Flex students)

Another option is to finance your educational investment is through a standard loan. We've partnered with Sallie Mae and Ascent Funding (formerly Skills Fund), two leading financing partners in the coding bootcamp industry, to provide our students with a safe and flexible plan. With this option, you can finance your payments for as little as $225/month, and you'll spread your tuition over 3-15 years.

Our preferred lender is Sallie Mae, as they have generally better rates, a more generous grace period, and a higher loan limit for living expenses and incidentals. That said, you're welcome to work with any lender you'd like!

Check out our guide to financing with Sallie Mae and get the details: 

  • You'll receive approval within minutes.

  • You can pay $25/month or make interest-only payments until six months after you graduate.

  • You may pre-pay your balance at any time, and you can use a co-borrower for this loan.

Option #3: Pay With An Installment Plan 

(available for our Flex program only)

In addition to the options mentioned above, Flex students also have the option to pay for their tuition in 4 equal payments throughout the 26-week course. This approach is the most financial savvy approach if you have the capital and can plan accordingly and not put your personal finances in jeopardy. Here's a blog post with more info on how the installment plan works.

Scholarships, Discounts & Other Options

In addition to the approaches above, there are many other ways students can pay for their tuition. As you begin your research, be sure to research credit cards, state and federally funded programs, raising money on crowd-sourcing platforms, or asking your friends and family for support. 

Deposits are now $250: We heard that the cost of our tuition deposit was holding people back from enrolling, so we lowered it to $250 to make our courses more accessible to all.

Automatic scholarships for women: We want to see more women working in the tech industry, so women receive automatic partial scholarships for any of our classes.

Early enrollment discounts: You'll save $250 off your tuition when you complete your enrollment by the early enrollment deadline. Be sure to check out our campus schedule pages for those deadlines!

If you ever have any questions regarding how to pay for your tuition or which approach might be the best, check out our tuition page for more info, or you can always reach out to our team directly by emailing hello@digitalcrafts.com.

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Jake Hadden

Co-Founder, CEO