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The DigitalCrafts Class Experience-Online or In-person in Atlanta

DigitalCrafts Atlanta is now open to serve students in the Atlanta area with part-time in-person web development classes. Our full curriculum is available online for part-time students. Whether in-person in Atlanta or online, all students can expect a challenging and effective educational experience.

Your in-person experience includes the ability to work alongside your instructors and classmates on campus and collaborate using one of our many team rooms and resources. For students seeking an online experience, you will collaborate in a virtual environment with your instructor and classmates.

Both experiences offer small class sizes, personalized attention, and support while you explore new skills to pursue a potential career path in tech.

What Can You Expect in Class?

Live Instructor-Led Training

Online classes are live streamed via Zoom. In-person classes are held at our Atlanta campus.

  • Part-Time Programs:
    Tuesdays / Thursdays
    6:30p - 9:30p (ET)

  • Saturday
    10:00a - 2:00p (ET)

Daily Lectures: Each day, students can participate in everything from engaging discussions and lectures to demonstrations and practice.

Group Work: Structured peer learning and collaboration are essential components of our curriculum. Students will use collaboration and communications tools to work on group assignments and projects and participate in pair-programming exercises.

Projects and Lab Time: The best learning is done by doing and simulating real-world work activities. You can expect time to work on portfolio projects that utilize and simulate commonly used skills and tools.

Dedicated Staff Support

Each class is supported by DigitalCrafts staff dedicated to your educational success.

  • Lead Instructor: An experienced industry professional trained in each course’s topics, provides the bulk of instruction and guidance throughout your class.
  • Teaching Assistant: A trained professional may be available to provide additional hands-on support and guidance with projects, exercises, and assignments. (Typically 1 teaching assistant per 8 students in a class).
  • Operations Coordinator: An operations coordinator is available to provide administrative support throughout your journey and help ensure you’re satisfied with your experience.
  • Job Search Support: The DigitalCrafts Student Success Team will be introduced early in the class, aiding in job search preparedness with career-focused days and training.
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Elective Workshops

These one-hour online workshops occur monthly and will cover topics outside of the course curriculum to supplement your continued learning and development.

Career Days

The Student Success Team hosts career days, providing guidance and resources for your job search and may bring in guest speakers for networking or career advice.

Canvas - LMS

DigitalCrafts uses Canvas, a learning management system to deliver necessary class materials including the syllabus, assignments, grades, and more.


Students will collaborate with classmates and tap into the DigitalCrafts community using Slack, our online communication tool.

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